We introduce a technical and professional concept for the documentation of medical treatment and communication in the inter-sectorial networking of inpatient and outpatient areas with you. This is then used to display towards sponsors and the health economic environment.

Integration of IT-Tools

The goal is to combine the on site existing IT-System with an IT-Solution and to make processes better in a qualitatively and quantitatively way and to document it in an understandable way. For that mobile detection tools are implemented and connected to the on site IT. Furthermore the treatment paths are portrayed longitudinally and process oriented. They are also adapted to the requirements of the respective devices. For that the requirements are determined according to the particular circumstances and create a specific process flow. This process flow will be incorporated into the planning and management of the project and will be monitored during the process.


The first step is used for the determination of the conditions and requirements of the projects in your Company: we prepare a workshop for you in which you define your expectations and objectives of the project. Furthermore we work out the methods for carrying out the projects and assist you to pick the right measures and match them with the achieved results. As far as conflicts are recognizable we point out possible solutions. Through this transparent and cooperative approach a high acceptance of the project is achieved. The results of the workshop will be evaluated by us and will be provided to you. This allows you to create a system that is transparent and understandable for you and ensures workflows with a high efficiency.

Project Management

During the second step we accompany you while creating a project plan and to make the related organizational units. This includes:

  • The establishing of project employees, the project leader and the performance committee
  • Methodological approaches and tools
  • Planning of resources
  • Staying on budget
  • Communication between the parties
  • Quality management
  • Organisation of meeting


In the third step we accompany you to evaluate the results and help you to make them usable for the future. The IS-process is analysed and compared to the results and target-processes. The evaluation is made available for you. Through that you can derive measurements that can be used for the successful implementation of further IT-integrations. Furthermore we support you in negotiations with the Sponsors of supply structures in your network. The corporate and proper planning and regulation provides the conditions for the success of the project.

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